In 1956, Fay Jones, a follower of Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff, designed this residence for himself, his wife and two children in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was his first built work and displays many of the characteristics that would later infiltrate his future designs. These characteristics include the use of natural materials, such as flagstone and wood, the contrast between a dark and compressed ground floor and a light and airy upper floor, and the open composition of the plan.

“He [Wright] had several principles, one of which was this idea of ‘simplicity’. It had puzzled me for many years,…I couldn’t quite see why he was preaching simplicity while designing buildings that had complex forms and complex spaces. I was equating simplicity with plainness. It became clear that the idea was more involved, multidimensional. I think there’s a difference between something that is complicated and something that is complex; there a difference between simplicity and plainness.” -Fay Jones


Marking the Jones Residence Entrance

Living Room

Entry to Lower Level

Lower Level Office

Lower Level

Jones Residence Lower Plan

Jones Residence Upper Floor Plan

The Jones Family on the Porch