I am grateful to you, r.m.s…for…this house, which has been so dear to me that in a way it has determined my life.” (-Pauline Gibling Schindler, 9 July 1953)

The building is the embodiment of Pauline’s ideal life style. In a letter addressed to her mother, she wrote:”One of my dreams, Mother, is to have, some day, a little joy of bungalow, on the edge of mountains and near a crowded city, which shall be open just as some people’s hearts are open, to friends of all classes and types. I should like it to be as democratic a meeting-place as Hull-House, where millionaires and laborers, professors and illiterates, the splendid and the ignoble, meet constantly together.”

Schindler was such an individualist…Mr. Neutra always believed that prefabrication would eventually have to be the road for the architects…But Schindler was very much interested in space exploration, so all his houses were-Each hoouse was again completely different, and designed for a particular space.” (Dione Neutra)

Schindler and Neutra while living together in Kings Road

interior view